Covid info on work rights

Hi I am new to this forum and mum and i usually manage well and covid 19 lockdown has help renew and improve the relationship we have.
I find not being able to protect mum, as I have gone back to work a a domestic cleaner a real concern, she has all but two of the considered high risk conditions that required sheilding, and I wondered what my rights are where working in others homes.

I wear high quality ppe and use hand sanitiser /wash hands at work. I have no contact with mum till I have put my work clothes in the washer and had a bath/shower.

I do personal care with mum and meds and as my previous job was as a paid carer I feel my work procedures are good but just need to be sure of my rights with work and as a carer during these difficult times. thanks

Hi Karen,

it sounds as if you are taking all the precautions you can.

There is information on carer’s rights at work here Work and career | Carers UK
however, this not Covid-specific.


Thanks Melly1 for your post,
I was feeling lost and alone in the all that is going on, I am finding it more difficult as cases rise.
I just feelthere is a lack of empathy for carer’s in the work situation and the community is so plain .

Hi Karen,

unfortunately, the only people who understand carers and caring are those who are caring themselves or ex-carers.

How long have you known the people you clean for?

I agree these are worrying times.