Support services stopping

hi i am a disabled carer with mental health and physical problems looking after my wife who has the same problems , since covid we have had no support apart from my wife gets a phone call since i was discharged from hospital after addmitted for stroke systoms from well being life line every day to ask how she is they dont want to know about me the carer , i have asked several times for asc to do carers assessment nothing done what happened to carers rights ? and now life line want to stop the only thing my wife has apart from me , after moaning at life line about adult social care they thing the support has been stopped higher up above asc
what advice would you give with these issues thanks

How on earth can they think it’s OK to stop the Lifeline service. That is literally a “life or death” service for many elderly and disabled people. It was the only thing keeping my mum out of residential care for years.

its the call service we wont be getting anymore , from what i understand lifeline acts on authority from asc when i was admitted to hospital all my wife was getting was a care call from life line and only for her when i come out of hospital it was only my wife getting the call now they are talking about stopping calls this is why i am upset by the lack of support as we have had nothing mentally physically ! and not only since he start of covid this lack of support has been on going ,
there does not seem to be a understanding that carers need support as well as alot of people who care are disabled them selfs , what organisation is above asc goverment ? no support

My local carer centre helps by giving a regular weekly phone call to see how YOU the Unpaid carer are coping.

They might be able to sort out and arrange extra support.

Have you got a carers centre near you, give them a ring.

thanks for your reply i have contacted hscc asc and care for the carers no response at the moment

i had a call yesterday from care for the carers and they have booked a phone call for tomorrow but nothing at all from adult social care
i saw the lockdown rules today and i noticed about protect the vulnerable which i didnt really understand as had no support since may last year but now hopeing that care for the carers will able to offer some sort of support