Hi all

My name is phill, I am disabled I had 2 strokes when I was 26 I am now 51 and many TIA since. I am diabetic with neropathy of feet legs and hands. Hearing problems,Very arthritic, Depression, PTSD and memory loss.
I am currently caring for my wife who has fibromyalgia, non epaletic attack disorder, crumbling spine, disasotiative Amnesia, trapped syatic nerves, and incontinence.
Also my mum who has had a right hand stroke and is paralysed down one side, trouble communicating, not able to walk or feed herself, memory loss and incontinent.

We live across town from each other and dont give her as much attention she deserves. Hich makes me feel guilty I’m on 24 hr call out. I don’t sleep no appetite. They both have carrers, mums are great my wife’s are useless.
On top of all this I have just had all my respite hours taken away.
I was feeling pretty trapped before but even worse now. With all the benefit medicals my wife and I are having to attend I’ve just about had my fill.

Sorry if I sound moany but I had to vent or I would explode. It really feels knowone gives a damn.

Thanks for listening.

Hi Phill, welcome to the forum.
Your situation is incredibly tough, so let’s try and sort out mum’s care first, because it’s crazy you being “on call” for her.
When did she last have a Needs Assessment?
When did you last have a Carers Assessment for her?
How many minutes of care is she getting from Social Services?
Has anyone ever mentioned “NHS Continuing Healthcare” to her/you?
Is her home suitable for her needs?

Hi Phill, welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear your complicated situation. Hope everything is going well. Prayers

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