Rang everyone, nothing can be done

Over the last couple of days I have rang a load of helplines, basically no help at all.
I have explained all my issues, I am an unwell unpaid carer, my main caree died last year, grieving upset.
I am looking after carees with multiple health problems who are getting very little treatment and support.
I mentioned one of my carees took an overdose as they could not cope anymore.
I am tired exhausted , need a break, not sleeping.

None of these telephone lines suggested:-
Carers assessment,
Needs Assessment .
NHS complaints.
Mental health Services, community Mental health team.
Bereavement counselling.

No one mentioned the Care Act and that I had more rights as an unpaid carer.

One suggested I could apply for carers allowance, but I am on long term sickness benefit so cannot get
carers allowance.

They weren’t much help at all.

Hello Londonbound. Thanks for your latest post relating to the frustrations that you have experienced in trying to get support for your caring role.

I hope you received my private message to let you know that one of Carers UK’s Helpline advisers will be in touch in the next couple of days to suggest some potential next steps for you.

Wishing you well


Somehow we need a Fighting Fund to sort out social workers who are unfit for purpose. Some have forgotten what their job is. Helping disabled people and their carers! After all , they are paid £30,000 plus!