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Hi my name is Ann I’m a full-time carer for my partner who has many ailments many life changing illnesses and seems to have gotten more demanding on level of care.
I have hobbies I love to bake and chocolate treats for our grandchildren.
As a carer I feel isolated and alone even though I have family around me I never seem to get a break there is no day care that suits my partner as his age is only 56 he suffers from vascular dementia and frontotemporal dementia
Heart failure :broken_heart: diabetes,COPD,massive weight loss and has MIDD (maternal inherited diabetes and deafness) has a RIG FEEDING TUBE
I just don’t seem to know myself nowadays

Hi Ann,

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Thanks for sharing how hard it is for you in providing care for your partner. It really sounds like it is hard for you at the moment to get any time for yourself. It’s great that you’ve got some hobbies and that you love to bake. I found when I was looking after both my parents that my hobbies were a great way to relax.

Have you spoken to the NHS to get a carers assessment? Here’s a link that might help: Carer's assessments - NHS



Hi Ann, are you aware of NHS Continuing Healthcare?
I’m concerned that you don’t ever have any time to relax and recharge your emotional as well as physical “batteries”.

Hi Ann

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