Hi I’m Helen new too group

I’ve been left caring fir my mam after the death of my dad with cancer in June I’m with her 24 hours a day it’s really lonely and frustrating but my mam also went and broke her ankle too so it’s been a nightmare the last few months x

Hi Helen, welcome to the forum. You can’t keep caring without a break.

I’m sure we can help in some way, but first a few questions so we can find the best solutions for you and mum.
Are you aware than no one can force you to be a carer? They might try to tell you it’s your job, you have to, etc. etc. but in reality you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Putting that into practice can be difficult. So much depends on the circumstances. What might be good for 19 year old won’t work for a 69 year old.

Tell us about mum first.

How old is she?
What help does she currently need?
Does she own or rent her house?
Does she have over £23,000 in savings (Yes/No)
Is she claiming Attendance Allowance?
Do you have POA, Power of Attorney?

Now tell us about yourself.
How old are you?
Have you always lived at home with your parents?
Would you like to be able to work full time?
When did you last have a holiday?
Are you claiming Carers Allowance?

Now tell us what you would like to be doing instead of caring for mum?

Hi Helen. Ian from sland,hope things improve for you soon,I’m a Carer for my 93 year old father.i just take one day at a time(if that helps. Ian x

Hi Helen,

I just read your post. Welcome to the group. I am new from today. I hope your day is going ok.


Hi Helen welcome to the forum

Really sorry to hear about your Dad and also that things are tough with your Mum. I expect lots of people on here can relate to that and offer support.

Have a look through our help and advice pages and check you’re getting all the help you’re entitled to:

If you’d like to chat with other carers online we’re running a series of weekly meet-ups, they’re very informal, just a chance to have a chat and take some time for yourself. Information is here:


Best wishes