I'm a unaided carer for my best friend motor neroun diases

Hi I’m j
I’ve been a carer for my best friend Ian who got diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy and lower motor neroun diases, his Condition is rapidly progressing, I’ve been doing this since last November and we got comfirmed diagnosed a couple of weeks back. I’m struggling to look after him he’s gone from in August being able to ride a bike to now needed help out of a chair with me dealing with all his personal care and toileting, washing you name it I’m probably doing it I also feed him, cook for him clean manage all his appointment, treatments, he’s is 57 and I’m 28 this year I have fibromyalgia, spine issues, autism and anxiety /depression and few other conditions, I am struggling to keep my head above water its strange going from best friends to there carer for everything, I’m coming off furloughed in couple weeks and I’m terrified, I left him the care of his partner and friends and it scared him how much he needs me when going for a day without me I went to see my nan, we have the input of aldilt services but waiting on funding for care I’m feeling overwhelmed as he used to be my voluntary carer so I could live independently as I have not positive family relationship, the person I’m carering for family is a 3 and half hour drive from his so its kinda struggle along

The GP should have arranged an assessment for NHS Continuing Healthcare. Assessed needs MUST be met. What is happening about a new carer for you???