Stock piling again

I have seen in the papers people have starting stockpiling again.

A lady with loads and loads of toilet roll.

Another paper saying the shelfs are being cleared of pasta and cleaning products.

Why are people doing this, we are not short of food, plenty of food and that Greg Wallace? went to a toilet roll factory.

They are making lorry loads of toilet rolls a day. one thing we won’t run out of is toilet rolls.

But people are still stockpiling WHY.

All this is upsetting my caree, she is on a limited diet and if people take all that food.

(even though they don’t need or eat that particular food )

She will be stuck.

I have been very good, not stockpiling, but now because i have been good we are going to suffer.

We are going to be back to 3 of every item for weeks.

Why aren’t the supermarkets doing something about this, but what can they do, they are powerless.

The supermarkets are doing something, Londonbound; as you say they are setting limits like maximum of three per item.

This does not inconvenience us, because we do not buy above these sensible limits anyway.

Panic buying is a self-perpetuating phenomenon among the worried and anxious. They do it because they find others are doing it and they worry that they will run out of things. So the whole thing snowballs.

It is just a case of keeping calm and carrying on.


I am sorry if I did not make myself clear here. What I meant was that the practice of supermarkets limiting purchase quantities of certain items was not an inconvenience. Some items have been on limited purchase since March

I recognise that, despite these good efforts, stocks of some items can run out. This can happen if there is a large rush of customers seeking certain key items, or if some customers visit every day to buy the same things. (I don’t do this; I don’t have the time.)

I am sure the supermarkets are doing their best to restock and it is appalling that delivery drivers should be blamed for non-availability of goods - not their fault.