Anyone else experiencing drug shortages?

A dear friend of mine just tried to refill her arthritis medications, only to be told that multiple drugs she needs were out of stock due to supply chain problems relating to real or perceived Brexit issues! She was only able to get one full refill and half the amount of one other, and IOUs for the rest!

Now she’s writing to her MP.

Not wanting to debate the pros and cons of Brexit, has anyone else experienced problems securing medications for themselves or for those they care for?

I’m thinking this should be something of interest for Carers UK to monitor and follow up on in the event shortages begin to impact our carees (and ourselves).


Paracetamol ceases to be trivial when one depends on it.

Hi Rosemary, if it’s helpful to know, Carers UK is in regular contact with the Department for Health and Social Care about the implications of Brexit for carers, and we are taking to them overarching themes that members and other carers are sharing with us through this forum and our adviceline about their experiences and concerns.

Hi Lizzie … refreshing to know.

In many parts of the UK , the delivery of social care rests on EU labour … in care homes and through the social services
sections of the LAs.

That juggling work with caring thread might take on a whole new dimension come the wrong flavour of Brexit.

I hope that is also the menu ?

Enough warnings on that issue posted in the NEWS section.

Just another piece of the CUK Carers Strategy ahead of the Green Paper ?

As it is OUR future , I trust we’ll get our say on it ???

Yes, Lizzie, it is good to know that you are taking up issues such as this to DHS. My friend has been living with rheumatoid arthritis for several years and has some 30+ years of professional employment ahead of her. Multiple drugs (8 of 10!) were unavailable for collection due to supply chain issues. She believes the government websites on drug availability are not being kept current.

Without her meds, not only will her immediate quality of life suffer, but her condition will deteriorate more rapidly, at significant cost to her, the NHS and to society as her future care needs increase.