Convenience shops; prices obscene!

Hello to everyone here

Like all Carers we live on a tight budget and as a woman born in the 50’s I do not have a pension!

The local Morrisons convenience shop is quiet around half past 7 so if I’m desperate I have called in when there’s hardly anyone about; the problem is the price! I’ve only been in twice but with very little money, I cannot afford to go in anymore!

Like many Carers I have two men to care for, one with heart failure and the other with a number of health problems, the last a stroke, so I have no choice but to go out for food and meds. I get both on the same day.

I go to the local Aldi once a week at a time in the afternoon when there is only a small amount of people in there; I feel safer this way but I worry that I may bring the virus home to the men despite this.

I could not afford to stock up for a full 3 months at all and with fibromyalgia and back problems I can only manage smaller shopping quantities each week.

Last week there was a small queue and they only allow about 10 in at a time.
I have a note and get what I need as quickly as possible, keep my distance and do all we are supposed to do.

Despite doing all of the right things according to government guidelines, I still feel guilty when I do go out and wish I could stay home for months.

I have tried to order online and we qualify but many food items are out of stock. If I go to the shop and they don’t have the item I want, I can choose an alternative for one nights meal.

Throughout the lockdown I thought I may have a little time to do a bit more reading but like all Carers time to ourselves is difficult with so much to do each day. I walk back and forth to my Son’s home a few times a day so at least I’ll keep fit!

I hope that yourself and family members are all keeping as safe as possible.

Kind regards to all on the forum.