Here we go again ....

No toilet paper, no soap, no baked beans, no biological washing liquid, no paracetamol … available when did online order - lets see what else doesn’t come tomorrow.


Oh no melly thats no good.

Hope you get your full order tomorrow

Hi Cloudygal,
I got my full order and the driver was really excited to point out no missing items or subs. It was of course minus all the items I couldn’t order as 'currently not available."

We talked about the panic buying happening again and he told me he deliver 7 crates of toilet rolls to a woman last week - 21 x 9 packs. Hopefully the supermarket limits will help.



Thats good you got your full order.

Can’t understand anyone buying so many loo rolls…

Yeah let’s hope limits stop those greedy shoppers!

Sympathise Melly - tried to do my next Tesco and no Detox - use this a lot on my cat litter trays and kitchen surfaces. Also had issues getting loo rolls/kitchen rolls but still a while before delivery so hoping they will re stock. Limits are being put on Domestos and kitchen rolls and UHT milk which I think is sensible if people are panicking. I also found my vegitarian frozen meals did not arrive as were ‘unavailable’. Things do seem to be added to my basket and then disappear?

Tesco used to automatically offer subs, now they don’t unless you opt in each time you shop - worth checking there isn’t a box to tick somewhere when you place the order.


I have been shopping online for about 2 years.
I always bulk buy loo rolls 96 packs…saving £5.50 on shop prices free delivery with Amazon prime…for food shopping I use Iceland free delivery on orders over £35…delivery usually next day on orders…
Started using Wiltshire Farm Foods in February…very good with deliveries…my father has started having problems with chewing…so more ready meals are needed…
I also started using our local milk delivery service twice a week.bread, vegetables, fruit juice, butter, milk all locally sourced…costs more but least its going to local farmers.
So all together we are totally covered on food …we have not been too a supermarket since February this year…or any stores…apart from opticians and petrol stations

Glad you have found something that works for you Derek. Sounds like you are sorted.

If folk don’t panic buy then online food shopping from a supermarket works for us too. I don’t have room to store 96 toilet rolls nor room for a chest freezer. I am the sort of person who likes to know that behind the can of baked beans in my cupboard is another one or two though.