Paracetamol moan

Thanks to the stockpilers, Paracetamol is rationed, only one pack per person.

My caree’s are isolating themselves can’t go the shop so are relying on me to buy it.

The Local commissioning board decided to stop prescriptions of basic medications,

Paracetamol, and basic medication to save £250,000 a year.

Previously I was allowed going to the chemist to buy 2 big packs which would last a while.

But now buying one pack of 16 between 3 people won’t last long at all.

Also the price has tripled used to be a pound for 2 large packs.

Now just one pack of 16 is 90p.

The GP has stated probably via the commissioning board to try and cut down on strong painkillers

Can be addictive e.g. Tramadol and take paracetamol, that’s all very well but you can’t get it.

Just such a simple thing but a major issue at the moment.

I am having to go round the shops which is what you are not supposed to do really.

I usually just buy small packs of Paracetamol when I go shopping, as needed for my arthritis, but wanted to have some in stock just in case, especially as I can’t take Ibuprofen. I asked for some to be prescribed, when I did an online prescription, just collected them, 250!

After all, they are cheap as chips over the counter, but you can’t buy many, even if they are available.
I know the idea is that too many all at once will kill you, but then so would many of the medications we have!

Yet another example of us being expected to care and not always treated as responsible adults. How much a week are you saving the state??? Surely a few paracetamol are nothing in comparison to that???

The advice keeps changing. A few weeks ago the shelves were emptied of paracetamol because the experts told us Ibuprofen was no good for coronavirus symptoms.

In the last few days that advice has changed and we can take Ibuprofen.