Still having a tough time

Good morning everyone I thought I would check on sitill having a bad time my dad is still in hospital. Waiting for stuff to be in place and my dad is now having trouble swallowing so the nurses are feeding him they have found something in his neck not sure what it is and the brother still thinks he has done his bit by sending spreadsheets about homes and doing the health and finance power of attorney but he still hasn’t come down from London to see my dad just gives orders. I’m really hoping things are going to get better. Anyway hope everyone had a good week xx

HI @Nikki_Anne sorry to hear your Dad is still in hospital. Are the nurses spoon feeding him or does he have a nasal gastric feeding tube>

Sorry your brother isn’t being any more hands on and is expecting you to do all the running around.

So sorry to hear this. I have the same with my son-in-law who thinks that telling me what to do is him doing his bit… rather than actually visiting his Dad or asking what would be helpful for us in the circumstance… and he just lives at the other side of London from us! I hope things get better… try to do something nice for yourself, even if it’s just watching your favorite boxset on Netflix.

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The nurses are feeding him @melly1 not sure what is causing it yet I feel sorry for him and my brother is still not getting involved or coming from London to see him :grimacing:

So sorry to hear this. I’m afraid some people just don’t care. I have a few local siblings who will do nothing for Mum and expect me to do it all. Sending positive vibes.

My brothers did nothing. Once mum died, one demanded his share of the estate was given to him before the end of the financial year. Then when I gave it to him he sent me a solicitors letter demanding more!!! My solicitor told him where to go, and he has never been in touch ever again. The only reason there was any money left was because I’d supported mum. Otherwise a nursing home would have been inevitable years before, and all her money would have been gobbled up in fees.

Glad the nursing staff are feeding him, it sounds like a well run and caring ward.

Don’t waste time on your brother; unfortunately he isn’t going to change and you need to conserve your energy.