Social worker suspended taking indecent images of children

I’ve just found out that someone I knew and respected who disappeared suddenly from the LD department was found guilty of taking indecent images of children last year.

It’s taken me almost a year to find out the reason for his “disappearance”. HCPC refused to give me any information although they must have known about his conviction.

As the mother of a vulnerable adult, I am concerned that there was a real “cover up” both at local and HCPC level.

Fortunately, this person had no access to my son. If this was someone in the Social Services Department you had contact with, would you expect them to be open and honest about what had happened?

The System / Establishment … even the Church … does protect it’s own.

The House of Lords or Wormwood Scrubs … a very fine dividing line … at times ?

On the bigger stage , Grenfell Tower … where will the " Likely " prosecutions stop … half / two thirds up the chain ?

That’s were the freedom of the press comes in … often abused ( Tabloids ) but … in our world , The Guardian … almost 90% of what’s posted in the NEWS section comes from them … a journalist guardian … of sorts ?

In social care , failure often leading to awards / promotions … we have all seen this across the various organisations operating on OUR turf.

At worst , early retirement with all pension rights still intact.

In the real world , failure often means just one thing … a P60 … often with no references.

In severer cases , the odd 12/ 18 months as a guest of HM in one of her homes for naughty boys and girls ?