Social Worker Complaint

Its been a while since I posted on here, but wondered if someone could help me .It is a complicated situation, but i will try to explain…

My son has very rare health condtion. I have been navigating through the special needs world too. His paediatrician acussed me of suffering from munchaussen by proxy, but then quietly dropped the case. However the ordeal did not stop. When social services became involved they seemed to spend their entire time filing false records of meetings witht profesionals documenting things they did not say in an obvious attempt to keep trying to discredit me. Their behaviour has been artocious. I have called and challenged them constantly and now they are starting to seriously unravel. They went as far as claiming that the fire birgade had aproved by son being locked in his bedroom every night and then refused to provide any evidence of this I found out from the fire brigade that they absolutey did not approve this arrangement and stil social services are refusing to engage with me. I have strated going through all of the things the social worker has disputed with me, which even goes as far as them disputing other “professionals” opinions in the reports, without any justification for doing so. They are notr qualifed to do so, but they are going as far as breaching their own procedures and ignoring hs medicla history and opinios given by staff at my sons school. I am so shocked at their behaviour. One of th esocial workers flits between shouting at me down the phone then laughing ast me and now her recent tactic is just to refuse to talk to me about her reports on my sons issues. I have complained to NHS and reported his GP and paediatrician to CQC.The GP and paediatrician are arguing betwen themselves as to who should coordinate his care. As for soical services I have made repeated complainrs to the police and NSPCC became inolved as well as other agencis who have raised multiple safeguarding concerns including the national level hosptials who are perplexed by this behaviour. I have filed a complaint agains the Local Authorty and reported them to my MP who is also inevtigating them. The allocated soical worker has clearly maed many many mistakes and I can prove it from the minutes and reports I have. Then on top of tis she is even bheaving in a way where she is disputing her own colleagues records held within social care and when I point it out she escaltes to her line maager who wdes in like a school yard bully telling me to stop raising my concens. Except now I am slowly being proven right and they seem a little worried now, but as with many of my experiences of social workers very few have any conscioence for thie arrgoance and never ever admit mistakes - they have a great ability to blmae someone else.
anyway now I have reported it to all these agencies i have been adivsed to report the social workers to their regulatory bodies which I have now done.

IS there anything else I can do? I have been told this does not qualiy for legal aid

I am in a state of shock having gone through so many documents prepared by the social woker that is full of false and misleding information and when I try to point this out she refuses point blank to provide me with evidence to back up what she says and then closes the conversation. Its shocking behaviour.

I thikn what will happen next is that GP will pass buck to paediatriican and social wokrer will pass buck n to her line manager and then we will have a stand off between them as to who is accountable for the problem. But even knowing who is accountable or responsble doesnt fix the problem my sonhas - he has no adequate care plam that takes into account his health and social care needs and stops his dad minimising and lying to health profesisonals and lockin ghim away to avoid getting him help

The police and firebrigade are annoyed with social services for not doing their jobs properly, the social workers are trying ot blame the NHS and the NHS is trying to blame my sons SEN school.And the national hospitals just state it is up to th e “local team” to sort out.

I am at the end of my tether. Is thee anything else I could do?

Hello, Lucy. This sounds very complicated. Many people supposed to be helping you are doing anything but and falsifying information.

I don’t think I can unravel this. The best suggestion I can make is phone the carers’ helpline on 0808 808 7777. You need a dialogue with someone who can go through this case step by step and put you in touch with someone who can sort this out.

Thank you for this . It is turning into a nightmare. I had a call with my sons GP last week, who insisted herself on recording the call! She had witnesses in the room too. We went round and round in circles and she said she had to take it on “face value” what social services were telling her. It was the most bizarre conversation. They seem to be slowly admitting the mistakes and miscommunication, but there is a tonne of stuff I am having to work through. I am shocked at their behaviour. I know it needs a legal person to sort out, but I cant afford it. I am literally in fear of my life with this people. They are keeping my son locked up and if i dare complain then i get retaliated againts Social Work England have said they want to invesitgate the complaint now. the LA is standing by the social worker, but have taken her off the case. She is clutching at straws now.

My best advice is to do your uttermost to have limited contact with the service as is possible. They and Health work together and are equally as bad as each other.
I would advise you to log down everything they do in a diary. Better still, write the diary online as I do. They hate it and normally keep their distance.

Example below:-

After having to deal with services both health and social care-related and as a mother of someone with learning disabilities I know exactly how it feels for people with learning disabilities in this Country. It is a place where they are ignored by services who are actually responsible to assist. These are public services, conserving resources often for their own means of employment and income.

When confronted for not providing proper services, then there is a whole array of barriers in place to prevent these services or their staff from being found to be at fault, even when they are indisputably at fault. The complaint services are internally run and much time is spent defending any wrongdoing, even to the point of total denial, disreputable lies, and general dishonesty.

It goes so far as they will dishonestly provide communications of almost all types to continue a disservice to people who are caring for someone with learning disabilities and it’s always designed to disallow the support people with learning disabilities will need throughout their lives.

While staff from services are deployed, they also do very little to support when it’s needed. When it is an emergency it is very much overlooked or not in proportion to actual needs. There are always grave shortfalls in the services needed and a lack of any adjustments according to the actual need of a person with learning disabilities.

One of the worst things about having to deal with these services who are meant to have a duty of care to someone who has learning disabilities is they also treat those caring in the same frustrating manner. Generally, that would be to ignore when trying to get assistance or get the voices of someone with learning disabilities heard. It is just like being in the wilderness where no-one is there or can hear you.

It is deeply frustrating, irritating, and aggravating to be ignored whilst desperately seeking assistance with things like the health care needs of a person who is cared for.

It is obvious, someone with learning disabilities will need care, but health care is the responsibility of designated health professionals, particularly those who are allocated to a case. So it’s somewhat bazaar that these professionals work as a rule to prevent the health needs of many learning disabled people just by ignoring what is actually said by people who know them best.

This becomes a stumbling block from early on in the lives of those who have learning disabilities and any additional added health conditions they have soon become further complicated into the mixture by uncaring health professionals who tend to enjoy creating further barriers in order to get assistance.

This then leaks its way over to other services such as other health services and social care who end up adding to the confusion deliberately caused by rival services. All who don’t want or wish to take responsibility as service providers for people with learning disabilities in particular.

So in essence, they work together in order to prevent various assistance from the services they are employed by. They do this of course, by silencing, often by the force of ignoring the voices of people like myself, who care enough to attempt time and time again to speak on behalf of someone who has learning disabilities, in order for them to be heard.

It’s terribly time-consuming, extremely demoralising, and tormenting.

One of the most vulnerable groups in society is treated more with contempt than duty of care by public services who aren’t doing enough for them. Other than continually making people with learning disabilities lives a misery by constantly denying recognition to provide a proper standard of accessible health care and/or facilities to meet the needs of many learning disabled people. Especially those with additional health needs.

One thing I have noticed along the way with my own son is that nearly all health professionals have only been interested along the way to speak with me at their many meetings, clinics, visits, and appointments and always with a view to discrediting what I have said. Often misquoting, pretending not to comprehend, or totally ignoring what they don’t wish to hear.

To the point of repaying me by using my son’s lack of capacity to carry out an unlawful detention that has made my own son furthermore vulnerable and susceptible to untoward unwarranted barbarous treatment as a learning disabled person at the hands of deceptive high ranking professionals. One’s who didn’t necessarily have any concern about the outcome of such actions and, even less concern shown since those actions.

As is the factual instance of the way they rewarding me for my commitment and time seeing them is by excluding any ability to view my own son’s health records and all they are busily writing each and every time I have to see them.

Obviously, they believe I am a glutton for punishment as I keep on allowing meetings, appointments, and so forth in the hope that somehow all that I have learned in the humiliation will come to fruition and allow my son the proper health care he needs. More so if it will be the case I am not here one day to protect him.

As the current state of the situation for people with learning disabilities is hardly all sweetness and light. Far from that, it is still a fact that people with learning disabilities are treated more with malice by services who not only cause their exclusion to society,(particularly those with severe learning disabilities) but have created it by the poor service health care allowed to take place and a dreadful social care system currently in place.

I mean the government of this country has only just instructed the N.H.S. to write with ‘shielding letters/emails’ making them high risk, and that is after over a year of a known pandemic arriving which has claimed the lives of people with learning disabilities who make-up 60% of all those who have died from covid-19.

Enough said when the truth is out there.

But then again, it’s been out there before on numerous occasions.