Confidential advice?

Hello, I have found myself in a very concerning situation in regards to how social services have been treating us and our situation.

I know there are patients advice helplines for dealing with patient concerns, but does something exist similar for getting advice about social services and concerns about whether they are acting within their codes of practice?

Thanku in advance


Hi Mark. You need to go through your local authority. There should be a designated officer who’s role is to deal solely with social care complaints.
Good luck!

Can you explain a little further?

Tricked into taking my father into care, after being led to believe, loudly and clearly in an email trail, that it was just respite. Told just before he was due to get out, that his support needs are too much now for me to look after him and if we don’t extend the respite, adult protection measure would be sought. And yes I do have power of attorney.

After I asked why this wasn’t explained to me previously, the social worker told me he knew I was busy searching for a care home for respite and didn’t want to interrupt the process. It appears to me he has openly admitted deceiving me and I wanted to check if this is allowed.


Very worrying. I would suggest you made a Subject Access Request to the council asking for copies of everything on file before taking it further, in case evidence is “lost”. Was it a qualified Social Worker? Check with Social Work England. Unless they went through the Deprivation of Liberty process, dad should be free to leave.