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Has anyone used a social prescriber link worker who has been referred to by their GP it helps with your well being. As you are a carer they can refer you to counsellors and other groups that help with your wellbeing and activities that you can do. Not sure it will help me I have the support of family and friends but my situation with my brother is not good and my dads cancer has spread to his neck so this is going to be difficult to deal with as well I’m just wandering if anyone has used them and benefited from them but I think it might be good for me xx

Honestly, I am not a fan of social prescribers. The GP sent me to one who gave me totally inappropriate advice. It marked a new low point in my life that I’ve never fully recovered from. I needed understanding of my own increasing disability. His recommendations left me feeling misunderstood and abandoned by the NHS and a surgery I’d used for 50+ years, a carer for a total of 10 carees! It just meant I had to explain my story yet again! The recommendation to a pensioner that I spent more than my entire pension on a pair of £180 shoes seemed entirely inappropriate!!!
On the other hand a private counsellor who had been recommended by the practice was one of the best things, even if it cost me £40 a visit. I had help and support, and a chance to share my feelings with a very experienced counsellor. Invaluable when mum and brother dying.
Go with an open mind, ideally with a list of what you want the outcome to be from your contact.

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Thanks I’m prepared to see what happens I’m sorry about what happened to you but they may be able to put me in touch with other people who are going through the same thing as me. I have only ever had phone counselling which wasn’t the best and they said they may be able to refer me to face to face counselling which might be good hope your okay anyway x

Yes, I’m fine thanks, apart from a cough and cold, stinking of a heady mixture of Deep Heat and Olbas Oil! Good counselling made a huge difference to me. When I was first referred for free counselling, no one told me that it was for a maximum of 6 sessions! Make sure this doesn’t happen to you. I then had to start all over again. First one was male, second was female. Much better talking woman to woman for me.