After 3 years of Caring for my Mum with Dementia and becoming isolated I’m looking for some support for myself to enable me to carry on as the role gets harder, ideally I’d like to access counselling, and it would have to be free (Carers allowance doesn’t go far) but it’s like a mine field, where do I start???

At your GP surgery.

or:- Types of talking therapy - NHS

Hi Debbie
You can ‘self-refer’ yourself in many areas, by-passing the G P totally.
Simply Google CBT and your area and it should pop up. There will be face to face option or telephone or online. There may be waiting lists which will be longer for face to face.
Your place on the waiting list will be governed by how much you need it, so on the assessment tell it at its worst. This is not a time to hold back or be shy.

I got an initial 6-8 online sessions quite quickly, and they then let me have a further 4 sessions added on.

Online was useful as my caree couldnt hear what I was typing :slight_smile: It did take the edge off but I then followed it up with some private face to face sessions which was well worth the money. £50 a session sounds a lot but it saved me from months off work or losing my health and my job
I think I started a thread on it… oh yes I did
My goodness, how much I forget!!!

Do let us know how it goes

Hi Debbie,

I now have my counselling, £30 a session once a month, paid for as part of my Carers Assessment, with a private counsellor recommended by my GP. Much better as it is a long term relationship.
How much support are you and mum getting from Social Services at the moment.
What would you like most of all to happen in the next year or two, with regard to mum’s care?