Social Care Funding and PB

Hi, I have been trying to get my 32 year old son’s Social care funding agreed and a PB set up since Aug 2019, when he was sectioned. After month’s of chasing Social Services to find out who my son’s Social Worker was, and months more chasing him to do anything, we finally completed the Care and Support Plan, etc in Sept 2020. Another 2 month’s of chasing followed when he finally told me in Dec 2020 that it had been pre-approved and just needed to go to the Full Panel. I was then advised 2 days later that he would be retiring in 3 days and he hoped things went well!

His manager took over and we had to go through it all again and it got through the pre-approval panel but was rejected by the Full Panel on 9th Feb 2021 because they needed more evidence! My son has a Support Worker and Community Psychiatric Nurse he sees once a week for 2 hours and they both agreed the hours and support I had put in was an accurate picture of the support he would need. Obviously in the past year this has been stop and start but they are both wonderful and part of the family now.

I was understandably upset and angry and sent an email back saying Social Services had wasted a year sorting this out and how could they refuse when they did not even know him, unlike his Support Worker and CPN. I have kept my patience all through this fiasco but had enough at this point.

I am used to completing benefit forms so made sure I put in as much detail as possible about my son’s needs, hours of each task he would require support for, who would do it (Personal Assistant). I also advised them I had based it on my son living alone as he has been offered a bungalow by Housing Association (not supported) and is due to move in the next month. He will not be able to do this without support in place.

My son was diagnosed with Bi-polar and psychosis when he was sectioned and Asperger’s syndrome in Jan 2020. We only started to receive support from a mental health team in August 2019, 3 weeks before he was sectioned. It has been a long battle getting him diagnosed but I did not think I would have to battle this hard for social funding, especially as he had been sectioned.

I am putting in a complaint but this takes weeks and I need funding to be sorted asap so I can sort out his PB and getting Personal Assistants employed. There is no point getting Social Services to sort his care as I know he will get different carer’s, probably no set times, which is no good for someone with Asperger’s as he suffers from sever social anxiety.

I just wondered if anyone had advice on what I can do next as I think I have now upset the social worker as not heard anything from him since my email.

Thank you

Hi Tricia,
typical delaying tactics by social care.

Is the manager still dealing with your son’s care package? If so, then you need to go higher up the social care chain.

Bowlingbun is the expert on complaining (no offence BB!!) so hopefully she will be along in a bit.

In the meantime;

Mind also have information and a helpline specific to mental health needs, getting support etc which you probably know already.

Plus Carers Uk have a helpline

You can email us at > > and we will respond to your enquiries within 10 working days, although it can often be sooner. Our telephone helpline providing information is open from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm - 0808 808 7777

There is also info here Making complaints | Carers UK


No offence taken Melly!
Why can’t they just do what they are supposed to, go down the list in the Care Act and do it.
The use of panels can be unlawful, might be time to go down the Legal Aid route?

I don’t know much about 117 Aftercare, but I thought the health authority, not Social Services, were responsible? Might be worth checking this out. I just don’t have time right now.

I’ve ended up looking at articles on 117 Aftercare.
Apparently the LA and NHS are jointly responsible, and there can be NO CHARGE for it.
To save me writing an essay with my arthritic fingers, have a look at the articles, then make formal complaints to both the NHS and the LA.
Go to the LA website and search for Adult Services Complaints. The NHS should have a similar system.
While you are complaining to the LA, I’d also complain at the lack of a Carers Assessment for yourself!
If you get no response within a week, copy your complaint to the Director of Social Services. Be sure to use words like “unacceptable delay”.

Thank you both so much for your advice. Sometimes they make you feel you are expecting too much and guilty for asking for funding so it is nice to have someone supporting you in what you are doing. I know a lot about Section 117 as I studied it when my son was sectioned so I had all the facts about what he was entitled to on his discharge. I even had to point out to the consultant that he was entitled to it!! I think I lose my confidence in my understanding of it because they keep making me feel as if I am being unreasonable when I chase them.

I am going to look up the information on both Adult care and NHS funding this weekend and write complaints to both as I feel more confident in pursuing this now I have your replies. I will also look into Legal Aid, so I am prepared if I need it, and other information you have suggested.

Many thanks again I appreciate you taking time to read and answer my question.

The Legal Aid claim will be in your son’s name, rather than yours.
Presumably he is on income related benefits?
Remember to complain to the Complaints Officer via the LA website, not the local office, who will probably try to bury the complaint!

Yes Jason is on PIP and ESA so should be entitled.

Thank you for advising me about who to complain to, I will make sure I send it to the right place.