Hello everyone.


My son has complex disabilities and since his condition deteriorated seven years ago, I have had to give up work and have been caring for him full time ever since. We do not get any outside assistance or respite and I have now got my own health issues too. We are spending increasingly longer amounts of time, (weeks and months), unable to leave the house and it’s very isolating. A lot of my friends have drifted away over the years, as I can never go and visit them or go out to meet them. I’m hoping that some people on here may have some advice regarding dealing with the isolation.

Thank you.

Hi and welcome,
Have you involved SS and gone through the assessment process for you both? You are entitled to have time for yourself for your own well being.

Hi ToniAlisia,

Welcome to the forum. My son was brain damaged at birth, can’t read, write or do any maths, but fortunately enjoys life and is well.

If you could tell us a bit more about your son, especially how old he is, and the nature of his illness, I’m sure we can make some suggestions that might help.

I’m very concerned that you are stuck in the house together for long periods, that’s not good for either of you.

As he is so poorly, has anyone mentioned NHS Continuing Healthcare to you?