Hey all, newbie here!

Good evening everyone. Just popping in here to say hi. I’m a carer to my son who is now 22 years old. He was diagnosed with Autism aged 2 and a half, and then with Dyspraxia aged 10. He also has other difficulties, which I won’t list at the moment, but I’m sure they’ll pop up in my future posts. I’m here because I’m looking for help and advice after receiving a copy of my son’s PIP assessment report… and feeling completely devastated, teary, nauseous and stressed to the hilt because of what I’ve just read. You won’t need three guesses to figure out the report doesn’t read well. At all. I will go and search out the correct place to post about this, I just wanted to pop in here first. So yep, hi from an extremely depressed carer…

HI Jaki,

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It’s a good idea to post an early post in this section, so members can welcome you. Benefits, funding and finance is our section for support and advice over PIP.

I’m sorry your son’s PIP claim has not had a the right decision made. Did he get a lower award than anticipated or was he turned down altogether?

Definitely appeal.

The National Autistic Society offer guidance on PIP specific to those with autism 404

and the process is described here Challenging a PIP decision - appealing against the decision - Citizens Advice

What is your son doing now he 22?


Hi Melly1, thanks for your reply.

We haven’t had the final decision on my son’s claim yet, just the copy of the report, but it’s pretty obvious that he will be turned down completely. It’s so frustrating because he has successfully and rightly claimed DLA, higher rate care and lower rate mobility, for the last 19 years. I absolutely will be asking for an MR and then taking it to appeal if/when I need to. And thank you for those links. My head is all over the place just now, I completely forgot about the NAS.

My son hasn’t done anything since finishing a part time college course after school about four years ago. He doesn’t leave the house or interact with other people. He can’t do anything without support from myself and my husband. Because of this I am terribly worried about putting him through the appeal process… Forgive me, I should be posting all this elsewhere, I think?