Smart House installation

Good morning, I’m Gill and I’m new to the group. I am looking for any information others might have about getting “smart” gadgets installed in the home. We have had a lot of building renovations and the builder was going to include installing a smart system to make things voice activated in the house such as lights, tv, intercoms, video front door bell etc to assist my husband with daily living, but has withdrawn as he now doesnt feel capable! He has installed the cabling and a technology rack, but no further. Smart companies that I get in touch with don’t want to quote as part of the work has been done and I am now stuck with wires coming out of the walls but nothing to attach to them. I am looking for an integrated system for everything rather than individually installed bits, which will have some support after installation in case things go wrong. Any contacts or ideas out there folks? Getting desparate!


If these are needed, then Social Services can fund them.