Ideas please

Hi Everyone

My Mum is in a care home, I was visiting her every day, she is partially sighted and wheelchair bound. She has copd and vascular dementia.

Was wondering what I can get with a large screen to do video calls with her, that does not cost a fortune.

One of the staff uses the lap top once a week. But it would be good to do it with her everyday. I did send in my tablet but mum struggled with a small screen.
I would be grateful for any ideas please

Many thanks

Does she have her own TV in the carehome?

It should be possible to hook up a laptop/tablet to to use the TV screen as a monitor, (although you’ll need someone more tech savvy than me to tell you how).

Hi Ayjay
She does have her tv, I know how to hook up a laptop, but they don’t, plus they only have one laptop at the home.

Just wondered if there is anything else I could use.

Thanks for your reply

I keep seeing something called “Portal” being advertised - looks like it’s quite easy to use.

Hi Susieq

I looked at that but the home said it could not be set up.

Thanks for your reply


Junie, maybe it’s time for the home to be much more proactive and make something available to all the residents??

Is mum self funding, or funded by the council or NHS?