Have just joined forum hello everyone.
Am caring for wife who has severe arthritis.
Like all Carers I hardly get any time to myself, does anyone know if
there are any charitable organisations who supply volunteer sitters.
Was quoted £15 an our by Age Concern, but am only receiving
Carers allowance.

When did Social Services last do a Needs Assessment for your wife, and Carers Assessment for you.? They can arrange a sitting service if you meet the criteria.

They will also be able to arrange for an Occupational Therapist to visit the home and provide aids to make her life easier in the home. Is she claiming Attendance Allowance (if she is over 65?)

I had a carers assessment and was found elibible for 3 hours a week!!!

Rang British Red Cross who were helpful and looked up some organisations to ring. Going to contact age concern and some voluntary people locally.

It seems hard to find cheaper care (sitters) in south east hampshire.

I hope you find a solution. It is crazy being expected to care 7 days a week with only a few hours off!!!

Cant understand whynit is even legal (stamp scream).