Hello everyone Newbie here

Hi Everyone !

I felt that i really needed to join as i am finding it very difficult a carer of nearly 6 years to my 93 year old grandfather
with zero support from family or any organisations (Not through lack of trying) it all feels sometimes like a thankless task.

I am a 49 year old guy and it has been tough making sacrifices for him all of the time, as i am sure everyone on here can relate to, the only difference i would imagine is most of you can go home, i live with him and its 24/7 i have knowhere to go.

If anyone can offer any advice i would be really grateful, thanks in advance.


Hi Matthew, I’m also in Hampshire, in the New Forest.
I feel as if I have a running battle with them.
They overcharged mum £8,000, which I got back after an unpleasant meeting in Winchester.

Have you asked Social Services for a Needs Assessment for dad, and a Carers Assessment for yourself?
When were they last updated?
Is dad claiming Attendance Allowance, so you can claim Carers Allowance?
Does dad own, or rent, his home?
Does he have over £23,000 in savings?
Do you have Power of Attorney (Yes/No).

If you Google “Carers Together in Hampshire” you will find a group that meets in Basingstoke.

If you Google Hampshire County Council, then Adults Services Complaints, you can make an online complaint about lack of support.

HI Matthew,

welcome to the forum.

A lot of us are in the same situation as you and live with the person we care for. Do you live with your Grandfather or does he live with you?