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I am a new member. I care for my wife who has Alzheimer’s. I have no idea what support is out there accept county council support any help would be appreciated.

Contact your local Social Services dept. and request a “Needs Assessment” for your wife and a “Carers Assessment” for yourself.

Hello Bill, welcome to the forum.

It might be helpful to have a read through our advice and support materials on the website here:

This will give you an idea of what you’re entitled to and there’s also information in there about looking after yourself.

The forum has a specific Dementia area which you may find useful:

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When I cared for my Mum who had Alzheimer’s I found the Alzheimer’s Society a very useful source of information and support.

Hi Bill,

As your wife has dementia, she is EXEMPT from Council Tax, and that exemption should be backdated to the day of diagnosis, and you might get a substantial refund. The highest I’ve heard of was £7,000.
She would also be entitled to an allowance as she is disabled. If she is over 65, that would be Attendance Allowance, or Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment under 65.
None of these are means tested.

If you receive pension top ups, then qualification for the above would means that there would be additional premiums.

Social Services can tell you what is available in your area to help.
Either care in the home, or aids or appliances to make life significantly easier.
If you have over £46,000 between you, you will have to pay the full cost.
Below that figure it will be subsidised, after a means test.

This is my “rough guide”. Contact our CUK helpline for full details of any of the above.

I was disabled for years, until I had surgery. My top tip would be to reduces the amount of “stuff” you have in your home so it’s as easy as possible to manage.