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hi does anyone know if iceland are giveing away food ? we got our delivery today also 1 bag potatoes , 2 tuc biscuts , 1 toastie bread , 4 tin johnwest tuna , 1 crisp and dry cooking oil … tried to contact iceland but not available on phone not sure if supermarkets are sending out extra food to vulnerable and elderly or its just a mistake

Nothing picked up from news feeds / Internet searches.

I am aware that Iceland are donating to certain organisations but not to individuals , so far.

To my knowledge , no " Emergency " food parcel from whatever source would contain the products so delivered.

I assume you have not registered for any … Government or local mutual aid group ?

Online contact details for Iceland if required :

thanks for your reply we are reg under goverment but no other group did try and make a account on facebook but it was disabled why unsure never used it before , i spoke to another family member who said that her friend had the same thing happen from sainsburys

Interesting … if you learn more , please post it , Dean.

May well be beneficial for many readers.

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we have signed up with COVID-19: guidance for people whose immune system means they are at higher risk - GOV.UK but extra bits came in iceland bags not in box from the goverment …

Hi Dean, they wo’t come in boxes from thr govt. I think the gov’t are working through the regular shops with local volunteers so may well be your supplies from the gov’t even if in regular shopping bag

hi thanks for your reply i thought the goverment was delivering food box to the needy

Have you tried contacting Iceland to find out? That’s the only easy you can know for sure. It’s surprising they didn’t have any information with it. It may not have been intended for you so best to check.

thanks for your reply we did try and contact iceland by phone and email no response

Does anyone know if unpaid carers can get some form of identification card to allow them priority at the supermarkets.

A nationwide acceptable carers card ?

No :

Always best to take your CA award letter with you … 1 in 10 family carers should have one , somewhere ?

As for the remaining 9 in 10 … ?

Very much a post code lottery … carers allowed in during " Happy hour " … reports of " No problem " to " No way , you’re not on our vulnerable persons list. "

Some supermarkets are now only allowing adults in on their own.

A carer pushing his / her adult caree in a wheelchair ?

Remains unresolved … said question asked many days ago.

Some local authorities do issue a card which states (should you be involved in an accident or taken ill in the street) that there is someone at home who is vulnerable and needs to be cared for.

i have a carers card but when showing it to tesco they advised my i should not be there all though main carer for my wife and both are vulnerable with under line health conditions reg with goverment web site for vulnerable but super markets dont see us as vulnerable all though hospital dr surgery adult social care say we are …