Iceland elderly morning heaving

Hi, I’ve just been to the Iceland elderly morning with my Mum as she wanted a few bits and it was heaving. there was about 30 odd people in each queue and you struggled to look round because it was ram packed. Worse than xmas eve. No pushing and shoving though.I nearly had a panic attack as I don’t like crowds.
I’ve also been to Aldi and Sainsburys this week when they opened and they were miles less packed. I’m not stockpiling I don’t drive so need to go often.

Omg that sounds like a nightmare.

I have underlying health condition…I’m staying put!

Government should get the army out to get food to elderly and vulnerable instead of forcing them into crowded shops!

I agree, a neighbour and I said similar, that the government should arrange support for people. Not everyone has family or neighbours who are in a position to help them shop.Say if people have kids and are looking after elderly parents etc they wont be able to then do loads of shopping/ favours for other people.
Online shopping now has 3 week waiting times.

Any help locally ?

If nothing locally yet , AGE UK will be involved somewhere down the line ?