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Hi folks, just a quick and probably dumb thing. I’m in Northern Ireland and supposedly Tesco, Salisbury etc are prioritising the elderly and vulnerable. How can you get registered with them as such when you (or rather I) can’t contact them. They can’t be reached by email of phone and there are no Tesco slots available and Salisbury’s are not accepting new online customers.
I look after my mum. She is 83 has dementia, visual impairment and is almost totally immobile.
I’m OK for now but only because I had to lock her in the house on her own talking to my brother on the phone while I drove to do shopping and just to add to the joy I got a flat on the way home but I was so concerned about her being alone too long I just drove on anyway.
any Ideas on this would be great thanks a lot be safe
Michael D.

Quite a bit in the main SHOPPING thread will be of use :

Delivery slots ?

Fine … in theory.

Take last Tuesday on my manor.

NO MILK in any of the supermarkets.

Fresh vegetables … dream on !

Your online delivery on that day ?

SHOPPING thread … now compulsive viewing.

I should also mention that now infamous Government list of vulnerable citizens ( 1 in 6 / 7 / 8 … 10 at best ? ) and your local mutual aid group.

More on both if needed.

Sainsbury’s are an absolutely joke. They’ve implemented this new scheme but are unable to cope with the fallout and are uncontactable. I was calling them for five days straight and getting nothing but a BT message saying the network was busy, or getting through to their automated service only to be cut off after listening to a ten minute recorded message.

By some miracle I got through the other day and after two hours in a queue I spoke to someone but a fat lot of good it did me. I was promised that I’d be added to the list with 24 hours but 72 hours later I still can’t book a slot because I’m “not allowed”.

The problem is they are only going by the government register of vulnerable people which ignores 90% of people with disabilities and conditions like dementia. If you’re a carer, and you’re not on the “at risk” list yourself, then you’ve got little/no chance of getting any priority from them as the account has to be in the name of the elderly/vulnerable person you care for, which is utterly ridiculous.

All I can suggest is contacting your local MP to raise you concerns with them, and contacting the Department of Health and Social Care to ask them what they plan to do about including other people who are at risk and reliant on home deliveries prior to the outbreak due to disabilities and such.

I think the whole thing needs to be exposed to the media to be honest, this is a massive failing by retailers and the government and it’s putting so many people at unnecessary risk!

Sorry everyone, I’m a bit out of the loop on the Government vulnerable persons list, which I may well be on but can’t access my letters at the moment. Has this list been openly shared with grocery stores and other businesses? Not sure I like my health status being shared that way! Hoping I’m over reacting.

Hi Rosemary.

No, the Government list of people considered vulberable has not been shared with supermarkets and grocery stores.

If you are one of the vulnerable people who has received an NHS letter, or are caring for someone who has, you can register for further support here or call 0800 028 8327, the government’s new dedicated helpline.

There are some responses to some frequently asked questions from carers relating to the coronavirus, including shopping for food, on this page on our website:

With good wishes


Thank you, Michael for your clarification. I would have been absolutely horrified if my thoughts had been true! Rosemary

we managed to get delivery slot from iceland today


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