I am VERY uncomfortable with the new CUK trend of CUK staff using our carers forum to refer carers in crisis to the Samaritans.
My best friend is a volunteer for the Samaritans, I have nothing against them, however, people come to OUR forum because they have a crisis about being a carer.
Sometimes they are saying that they are so, so tired of it all, I know that feeling, the Clapped out Carer feeling!!
Sometimes, they have been made to feel that they MUST care, regardless. I know it’s OK to say “I can’t do this any more”.
Sometimes, they just need to be given “permission” to dial 999! I remember someone writing to say that their mum was in hospital just an hour after I granted permission.

Surely, the Samaritans shouldn’t be doing this, but us, as carers?

I always understood that this was OUR forum?? Is there a takeover happening???

I agree with BB.

In Carerland .WE are the professionals by virtue of what we do … some for decades … most of us have experienced
crises FIRST hand.

If a samaritan is also a current or former carer , all well and good.

Many " Professionals " out there advising us have had NO caring experience whatsoever !

In CarerLand , there are NO one size fits all solutions … nor replies to a standard questionaire which is often used
by outsiders.

For far too many , the only REAL solution is to stop caring … brutal but honest !

( Even David Grayson announced himself as a former carer before venturing onto our turf in his one and only session to date. )