Freedom of Speech

Hi all,

I’m a relatively new addition to the forum, three years this April, but in this time I’ve had nothing but excellent advice and encouragement from fellow members.

In this short time I’ve gone from a former office worker to wiping my Mums bottom, battling depression and fighting a corrupt care home manager. All helped by other members, some of whom have been like rocks to me.

For the first time, in a long time, I feel like I’m coming out the other side, its the wonderful people who have been through the same, shared experiences and given advice that have led to this.

If as I understand the above is no longer allowed, on legal grounds, to be replaced by a humourless robot with links, this will be my last ever post.

Hi Stephen, Here’s hoping that won’t be true. I hadnt realised you had been a forum member for that long! Not much point in having forums such as this if we can only speak in platitudes, so general as to be meaningless! Sure Chris will be responding shortly. HAVE A NICE DAY!!!

Hi Stephen,
I don’t understand what you mean and what you are referring to. I’m glad the forum has been so useful for you. For me too, now an ex-carer.
Rumours that Chris from the Gulag is a humourless robot are not true!

Hi Stephen
I don’t understand what you mean either. Hopefully the confusion if it is that will be sorted, and you will remain with the forum. You have probably helped many others who may not answer, but don’t feel so isolated.
We are not obliged to read every single post, and sometimes if I am short of time I don’t.

( Chris, I admit I don’t thoroughly read all of your posts( many I do!) For instance, if you are providing links to a new member, that I have already seen, then I don’t feel the need. CHC links have been extremely helpful to me, and the unsafe discharge, which helped my friend with her own family problems a great deal. )

I’m taking it that youre referring to the legalities of offering our opinions on this forum and potential liabilities of so doing. The last I’d read from one of Chris’ threads was that Carers UK was satisfied with the wording in the ‘New members please read’ section on the forum.

Hi Stephen

It’s great to hear that you’ve found the Forum a helpful source of support during the past three years. I hope that you will continue to contribute to our online community of carers and former carers in the months and years to come.

As long as your posts follow our Community Guidelines (e.g. they are respectful, supportive and sensitive to how others may be feeling) there is no need to be concerned about the support you provide to other users of the Forum. As stated in the Guidelines:

‘Unless stated otherwise, views expressed in this community are purely the views of the members and as such don’t constitute professional recommendations or advice or the opinions of Carers UK.’

Our Community Guidelines were written following consultation with other leading charities and are available through the tab at the top of the Forum home page or through this link.

Best Wishes

Head of Membership and Volunteering

Good to have your clarification Michael. Thank you.

I have to say I too am concerned bout the way this forum is being moderated.

I have found it to be based on subjectivity (rather than objectivity). Simply put, given the dwindling number of regular contributors (according to others I don’t have a measure personally) I question if this is a (significant?) contributory cause.

I appreciate the reply from Michael and the clarification that WE as Humans can still give each other support, and yes advice without any legal obligation against Carers UK.

That is what I wanted to hear and it means the world to me, as I’m heading into a new difficult phase of being a carer, as many know my Mum is bedridden and coming home at the end of February I’ll need support.

If I want a link to a website, I’ll google it. Simple as.

Thank you all for your comments. We are now locking this thread as it diverted to a discussion about other forum members. If you have any concerns about any posts on the forum, please email