Just rang Samaritans no answer

Feeling very low so i rang up the Samaritans, let it ring about 25 times but no one answered.

I am at an all time low but cannot even talk to the Samaritans.

My caree rang the local mental health crisis line, she has so many problems, after well its over 3 months now had a total rejection from the local mental health services.
She has had to go back to the charity organisations.

So what chance have I got of getting help?

I have been told to contact the council get a carers assessment, how long will that take, weeks, months?

I keep telling people that its not about me contacting the council and getting a carers assessment, i should be receiving help anyway, a care plan, a support worker, but no nothing.

What a complete mess.

Hi Londonbound,
you aren’t the first member to have rung the Samaritans and not got a reply during this pandemic, so many people are struggling and ongoing problems are magnified at the moment.

We are here for you and willing to listen. Sorry we aren’t able to offer practical help.


My best friend volunteers for the Samaritans, they are working flat out with reduced numbers of staff. They are volunteers.

Yes not blaming the Samaritans, they are volunteers, they don’t get paid a penny for what they do.

But my caree after having a nervous breakdown was discharged from mental health services almost 2 years ago, told to ring the Samaritans when they are having a crisis.

They are having another crisis, contacted the crisis line and mental health services, after 3 months basically its the little local charity again and phone the Samaritans.
The Mental health services are only prioritising the very ill, just seems they haven’t got the money.

I also as an unpaid carer have been told to ring the Samaritans, the Samaritans aren’t the answer, its proper mental health treatment for carees and proper help and support for the unpaid carers.

But the support services just don’t exist , been cut.

We are supposed to self manage/self care, how can you self manage severe depression.

I watch Mrs Browns Boys to cheer myself up, its really funny.

Hi Londonbound

Phone 0800 585858 CALM

They make take a little longer to answer but they are available from 5pm until midnight

I hope this helps.

I understand mental health all too well and the challenges it brings daily for the Carer and Caree.


Thanks Huegatort
I did try CALM but they didn’t seem to understand the unpaid carer issue, they seem to be promoting exercise getting out the house to resolve issues.
As any carer knows its getting out of the house is the main issue, many carers are just stuck caring all the time.
I should join a running club, I have M.E. chronic fatigue along with depression, some days i can barely get out of bed.

It’s the lack of help and support for carers, the depression and no treatment and living with M.E. that is causing all my issues.

And the fighting services, the right support for my carees will reduce the strain on me.

Only other carers understand, and we don’t have the money to make things better for ourselves. My son was home at the weekend, plus eldest son and grandson, so really busy time. Today I had plans for a quiet restful day sorting out a load of paperwork. Settled down sat on my bed, coffee by my side, papers and filing trays all around, TV on, in my own little world. I was trying to get it all done quickly so that could work on an almost finished dress I’m making. It’s been waiting a year!! 9.10 am the phone rang, it was M. Day service restarted today, taxi supposedly ordered, didn’t turn up. By the end of a series of phone calls and emails, I was in the right mood to do some serious wood chopping!!! It’s NOT MY JOB to sort out taxis, day services (3 all think that M is going to their service this week, two the same day), broadband, devices…!!! All I wanted was some peace and quiet to recharge my batteries. I don’t even qualify for Carers Allowance as I’m now a pensioner.

I was going to suggest going to A&E, but I thought I’d at least do some minimal research on google first.

I found this below, entering something approximating my details, it directs me to phone 111 and says there’s 24/7 help available, it may be different in your area.

That’s what my caree did over 3 months ago, had an assessment but no help provided so back to square one.
So yes there is a 24/7 helpline but it does not guarantee actual treatment, help and support.
But i was told there was a emergency mental health team but they only give short term interventions.
And then you are left to cope again.

Its like you have a flat tyre, you pump it up, lasts a few miles then goes flat again.
Pumping up does not cure the issue just resolves it for a bit.

But my caree was not even eligible for that.
so my caree with complex mental health issues not eligible for help.

Will i get help? probably not, i am supposed to contact the council, get a carers assessment.

There needs to be a specific line for carers at breaking point but there isn’t.
I used to phone the crisis line regularly , all they did was refer me to social services who again didn’t do anything.

Plus the long term argument, that i am an unpaid carer and therefore social services are responsible for my health, but social services say i am suffering from depression and therefore it’s the GP and mental health services.
Again i am passed from pillar to post , neither side will take responsibility.
Who is responsible for an unpaid carers health, we are supposed to be get carer health checks every year.

I’ve never had an unpaid carer health check, has anyone else?

But the Care Act, that councils are supposed to provide help before crisis/breakdown point.
Social services have said my caree needs the right mental health treatment and support, I agree but caree just can’t get/ is ineligible for treatment and support.

I did go to A&E years ago exhausted unpaid carer, i was there for hours, but no help was ever provided, there was never any follow up.
There just seems to be so little help and recognition of unpaid carers.

As i say what a mess, what a complete mess.


I’ve been to see a GP whenever necessary.

What are you expecting to be different as a carer?

Hi I have been emailing Samaritans cause I find it hard to talk ,got a a reply within a few hours even in early hours of morning I was doing that for 3days it has helped.hope you’re ok.

Hi Londonbound

That is disappointing to hear re CALM.

However when you do have a little time, maybe you could e-mail them, make clear your position as an unpaid Carer and your own disabilities and what help, support and understanding that could have been offered to you that would have been helpful and what they did not recognize!

I’ve found this is the only way to make charities and other organizations recognize the help and support that we actually need because they obviously are not aware of the role of Unpaid Carers and the constant strain that this puts on all of us here at Carers UK.

Kind regards