Rise and recline chairs

Mum’s finally home after her hip replacement. We have set up a chair for her at home which the Occy Health folk raised to 20 inches for her but she’s not happy so I’m now sourcing a rise and recline chair.

She was horrified by the prospect of paying £1700 odd for one but we noticed Argos has several more reasonably priced.

Can anyone advise if they are any good or is it false economy? The seat on the one I have my eye on is 18 inch rather than the 20 inch they’ve raised hers to but she’s already chuntering that it’s too high. Would the 2 inch difference matter if the chair’s going to rise anyway?

I’d be glad of any advice or suggestions.

Don’t do anything yet. Be guided by the OT. Chair risers should be the right height for the patient to feel comfortable.

Do you think she doesn’t feel safe in it. Can a visit from an O/T be help. She maybe able to get one through the NHS.

My mum had a lovely one from the NHS, still using it in the nursing home less than 48 hours before she died, said it was more comfy than being in bed.

Does she see a OT or not? If so, show them pictures of the chair and then ask for their advice. They may have some recommendations. Do not do anything yet. The Disabled Living Foundation may also have special chairs you can use at home. Or you can order a rise and recliner chair from this company via their website. Call the occupational therapist tomorrow.

Also take a look at this company http://www.hslchairs.com/. I think they even do demonstrations in your home with you.

I did look at HSL but the prices seemed ridiculous. I will speak with the OT though and get some advice.

CareCo are good. I bought several things from there, including a rise/recline

You can buy electric risers that fit into a normal chair.
They are much cheaper than a fully blown electric chair.
I think about £300.

Mum got one from the district nurse. The chair had special pressure relieving cushioning built in for bed sore prevention.

Sometimes charity shops have them in decent condition.

The height of seat needs to be right for the person, so the thigh/leg/hip is positioned correctly. A small cushion might help but larger thicker ones become awkward when the chair rises.