Need soft and best Elderly caring sofas

My father is 85 years old. Since fewdays he is tell me, he want to purchase sofas for his. But I have no idea which type of sofas I should buy. It will really helpful for my father caring.

My disabled mum had a “rise and recline” reclining chair, so much better than a settee to get in and out of.

We got one of these for my Mum when she was still at home. It had the easiest controls we could find and the shop sent a man out to go through it with Mum but within a few days she had forgotten how to use it and was trying to climb out of it with the foot stool part still in the up position. She actually fell off it one evening so we knew it was no good for her.

they are great for some people but not for people with memory problems or dementia …… when we took it to the care home she was only allowed to use it as a normal chair with the electrics disconnected.

Mum told me less that 2 days before she died that she was far more comfortable in her recliner than in her bed.
There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to caring!
This is why we all need to share our experiences, good and bad, so that others can read and choose the best solution for their own situation.