Reccomendations for comfortable riser recliner chairs

looking for a reasonably priced dual motor riser recliner chair for a disabled lady with parkinsons disease who is very immobile, can anyone reccommend any online suppliers?

I think it’s very important to try out the chairs - what is comfortable for one person, isn’t comfy for another - our bodies are just too different. I therefore suggest you either wait until you can take our Mum to try them out in a shop or find a company that is willing to do home visits.


HSL (who advertise a lot in magazines) offer home visits plus also offer pre-booked appointments at their stores during the pandemic.

As my mum was housebound, the Social Services Department sorted one out for her. It was great.

I think if you are able to wait until lockdown has lifted. You would be better making a visit to a show room. As these chairs greatly vary. I found with my husband he had trouble using the controls. Which again vary.