Sitting all day

hi,just a quick mum of 86 years old sits all day because no mobility there anyone out there with a magic wand to stop her complaining of a sore bottom? she has been checked for sores by the district nurse and she has a pressure cushion supplied by social services.has she just got to put up with it now,and me,or are there any suggestions please,please,please.many thanks for reading my topic.jane.x

Hi Jane,
not really my area of expertise, but maybe a riser/recliner chair would help, so she can change her seated position. Alternatively a different pressure cushion, there are lots of different types, just google.

Can she alternate sitting with lying at intervals?

Distraction might help; what does she do whilst sitting?

Others will be along with more suggetions, I’m sure.


My mum had a riser recliner too. Even 48 hours before she died, she was still looking forward to the nurses (in the nursing home) coming to hoist her into the chair, saying it was so much more comfortable than lying in bed.
I bought one for me years ago, after major abdominal surgery it was better than bed for me too. Then my husband decided he liked it best, and after he died my eldest son moved in and he kept sitting in it too. In desperation, I bought another identical chair via ebay!!