Can anybody recommend a comfy easy chair

My Mum never looks comfy in either of her two easy chairs. She lives in a care home and has poor mobility and Alzheimers. She has a lovely rise and recline chair which we bought when she lived at home but within weeks of buying it she had forgotten how to operate it and was trying to climb off it with the footrest UP! She has that at the home but we have disconnected the electrics for safety reasons. The care home have been good and try to get her comfy and we discussed and ruled out a manually operated recliner as Mum doesn’t have much strength in her hands.

The physio came out and said the other chair is a better height (she struggles to get out of chairs) so we swapped them around but she still doesn’t look comfy. She has arthritis in her spine too and I would love to see her just sitting and looking supported and comfy.

Any ideas gratefully received.

If she has arthritis of the spine, then perhaps a chair with “waterfall” cushions would help her back. My mum had severe curvature of the spine, a “Dowagers Hump” and by taking the stuffing out of the middle cushion, or sausage as I called it, her head and lower back were well supported without her hump being uncomfortable.

Mum loved her riser/recliner, you must be so disappointed that mum can’t remember how to use hers.

I paid for a specially made chair for my hubby. Then he could be wheeled to the lounge, without being hoisted into a wheelchair. It was from a firm called Wenman. If you Google you may find a firm similar near you? Very expensive, over £2000 and footstool extra… He was most comfy in it He lost mobility and the wheelchair was causing problems. About four families in the home paid for the special Chairs and the residents were so much more comfortable.

Thank you all very much for your comments. Still weighing things up.