Comfortable Commode

I have the standard NHS / NRS commode for my 89 year old Mother. She has difficulty using it and I was wondering if anyone had had experience of comfort addon’s that work - or a new commode that is comfortable and easy to use? Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Guy,
My Mum was a large lady and she had difficulty with her commode as she couldn’t put her feet flat on the floor and the seat cut into her. After trawling the internet, where there are many available, I contacted the Occupational Therapist and she arranged for a company to come and measure in order to provide one with shorter legs and a wider, softer seat. It was also wheeled and braked so she could be moved about while seated in order to facilitate hoists etc. It was fine and there were no more problems.
Try the OT?

Ok thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Hi Guy

I would suggest contacting the OT as a first port of call. You may well find that NRS can provide a different type of commode or some add ons free of charge and OT will be the best to advise what is availble.

again thanks for the reply - will contact OT :slight_smile:

You can buy lovely cushion soft seats on Amazon that fit over a loo - not sure about fitting over the commode.