Ring doorbell

Any thoughts on ring doorbells?
I concerned if I buy one that it will make me more anxious.

I turned the doorbell off when I was caring for Dad as carers and nurses drove me mad. Not reconnected since- I have a Monty LOL

He is lovely. I really don’t want the responsibility of a pet now, even though they are great company.
Adored my cross spaniel.

I can’t imagine life without a dog Pet, always had one (or two) but lost my lovely Sadie last year (my rock through my caring years)

Look online

I have looked online. I know how they work I just requested people’s thoughts on them

I would have loved one when we had carers so I could keep tabs on their timeliness and the no-shows, it would have been invaluable.
Now I am here full time, other than odd errands, there isn’t a need for it.

Am I right in thinking they have a monthly fee for the service? or have I go the wrong end of the stick?
If I was regularly out for work or whatever and having carers in and my mother alone at home, I would definitely have it for peace of mind and to keep tabs on care service and deal with any callers at the door, the latter being very rare where we are.

I have recently seen several for sale, I don’t know if they are upgrading, disenchanted with it or cost of living has forced them to stop it and sell them.

I’ve seen cases where neighbours have sued owners of video doorbells for privacy/intrusion type offenses and their human rights.

Thanks for your reply
No the ones I have looked at are bought outright and apparently easy to fit. Battery operated. It’s only for my peace of mind but I don’t think I would get it particularly. Would keep checking. I can see it would be beneficial if carers are going into someone who is at home on their own.
Still thinking about it .

If I didn’t already have CCTaV I would get one. (We have a large collection of old vehicles). Recently 8 neighbours had things taken from outbuildings! Hopefully my notice saying you are being filmed saved us, this time. Anything that helps identify these people has to be useful. Better to get a Ring doorbell before you are burgled, not afterwards?!

Without wanting to hijack Pet66 topic, that’s a job on my list that keeps dropping off it - CCTV system.

I sleep in what used to be the garage, and was very concerned at the number of times the sensor lights were being triggered.
At the time our system was installed it was clear from tracks on the drive that someone had driven all the way down the drive to the bottom where the steam engines live, and a lot of other stuff.
We also changed the drive slightly and put in a metal gate disguised very well as a fence. (“We” mostly being mainly my big strong son that lives with me). A shed that used to be open facing the house has now had the front closed off completely, and a new entrance facing the back of the garden.
It’s very sad in many ways, it used to be a lovely garden, but security has to come first.

I put a lock on our back gate in spring, not had any cause for concern but rather be safe than sorry.

We don’t even have a doorbell Pet66, that door is open to the elements and the rain kills them!

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