Stopping Scams

Hey all,
My Grandma was abused by scammers so much she had to go into a care home, has anyone else experienced something similar and have ways of stopping it? I would love to help her stay in her home but I am just afraid she will be abused again!
Thanks for the tips!

Hi Jordan.

Internet search … PREVENTING SCAMMERS … a whole forest of links out there with useful information thereon.

A case of adding keywords to narrow down the field … for example … CYBER … DOOR TO DOOR … PHONE … etc. ?

2019 … where there’s money , there will always be someone ready to steal it ?

Thanks for the advice! I have tried a fair few but it’s not enough!

Have you found a lot of people go into homes because of them being abused by scammers? She can live independently otherwise! I was thinking it might be the area she is in…

Your welcome.

A new one for me … after 15 years on various forums … perhaps another reader has either first or third hand experience ?

Certainly reports of vulnerable people being targetted by scammers and … sometimers worse … potential drug gangs
for various purposes … in both the local and national newspapers over the years.


Have you thought about Power of Attorney for finances so that only you can authorise expenditure?

A few years ago Mum answered the door to this HUGE Man insisting he wanted to sort out our garden, Mum said no and closed the door.

At this point I came into the living room to find this Man peering into our living room. I think if I hadn’t appeared he would have forced his way in, or knocked on the door and forced Mum to pay for his work. It’s a scary world we live in…

For door to door scammers, a “beware of dog” (Rottweiler not poodle!) sign and house under surveillance sign. I think you can buy dummy cameras that look like real thing only cheaper. I had the LA put the lockbox around the back of house so it was not in full view. Perhaps enough to have any would-be bad people go next door.