Security Issues

I had the scare of my life today, we live in a cul-de-sac and two young lads were going house to house, being very boisterous and loud…

When they went to the house opposite us and no one answered (they are on holiday) they seemed to stay for an age on his drive doing something.

I told Mum no way am I answering the door to them, so we’ll pretend to not be in. They knocked and we were quiet . Next thing one of them walked across our lawn and was looking through our window, when he saw me he waved. I have to admit, I saw RED and gave him the finger. He gave me the finger back and moved on to my 90 year old neighbours…I made sure I watched until they had gone from my neighbours house, who just ignored them.

I wish I had some way to report them as they were obviously up to no good.

My main concern is security, I no longer want to leave my door open all day for the carers to get in. Mum is left alone a lot in the morning and I dread to think what would happen if I hadn’t been there.

How do I go about getting a safe box or any other options??

eBay. Search for outdoor home security safe boxes or such.
Or google it too. Plenty to choose from.

My disabled wife had one fitted for free by the council, BTW.
Tunstal, the home emergency call system, had the key number
so emergency ambulance could get in.

Social Services should be able to arrange a “key safe” for mum. You can buy them online, easy to fit. Care staff have a 4 digit number, press a key pad, then they can open the key safe to get to the key. When they’ve opened the door, they put the key back in the safe.

You could put up a real or fake camera, a security camera sign, or even a beware of the dog sign to deter them.

Definitely a key safe. As you need it quickly, buy one from a DIY shop and fit it yourself. I had one when we used an agency in the mornings. The additional suggestions by Rosemary would be a good deterrent too.


It’s worth notifying your local police as a non emergency. Do you have Neighbourhood watch in your area?