Rights as a key worker with a vulnerable person at home

Hi all,
I am a new member. My name is Catherine and I care for my 89 year old Dad who lives with me.
I currently work full time as a Support Worker for young adults with autism. In the current climate with the COVID-19 situation I do not feel comfortable going to work and then coming home to my Dad and potentially passing on the virus. Or, if I am at work and a service user becomes ill then I will be put in a situation whereby I have to remain at work for 14 days and not get home to my Dad.
Do I have any rights as a carer for a vulnerable person in my own home? I am also still in my probationary period, I have been with the company for 3 months.

Hello and welcome! Can you talk to your manager or not? See what they have to say.



Does you employer know you are a carer for your dad. This does not affect you employment rights.