I’m a key worker and living with vulnerable person

Hi is anybody able to clear this up for me my partner has had a letter for nhs telling her not to leave the house for 12 weeks she’s classed as high risk during This coronavirus pandemic.

Now I’m a key worker and when I ask the question at work should I be going in because my partner is high risk I just get told it’s a grey area and if Im not showing symptoms I’m fine to go in. Which worry’s me…

Everything I research on line just tells me to sleep in separate beds use different bathrooms and keep distance from each other in the house which is not possible.

If I didn’t go into work I’d worry about not being able to financially survive.i guessing I wouldn’t get paid if I decided to stay at home

i guessing I wouldn’t get paid if I decided to stay at home

In direct response , much will depend on your employer.

What is their policy for their staff during the coronavirus crisis ?

Perhaps benefits over and above the minimum recently set out by the Government ?

Plenty of guidance available on Carers UK’s part of this site on living / working / caring in today’s climate :


Aimed at us , family carers , but with help for those of us working and caring.