Removing Mum from Care Home?


Just wondering if I can just remove my mum from her nursing home? She had started walking and the care home seem to be wanting to limit this. Other issues I am not happy with and she wants to leave. So dignity and standards of care. Just wondering what the options are?

Hi Elizabeth, have you found somewhere for mum now?

Well the saga is ongoing. Not happy with care in Kent. Have found one nice home but not sure what the budget is. Just thinking of bringing her home with me and then starting afresh. Are there any rules or laws that say I can’t? Have found a solicitor who is currently discovering status of DOLS and legal Basis for challenging Kent placement but what I witnessed this weekend makes me just want to bring her home so she can get support and dignity


It’s my understanding that it depends on the DOLS.


Have you had a copy of the DoLs assessment?

Thanks Melly and Pet for the questions about the DOLS. I don’t think one is in place because I was listed as representative on the application but haven’t heard anything. That was at the beginning of July but my solicitor is finding out about that. However. I don’t think it is in place. How does it affect whether I can remove mum or not?

You really need to find out if one is in place before you attempt to remove your Mother from the home. If one is in place they will stop you. The home must know if they have one! Hard as it is try not to be hasty.

OK thanks Pet. My guess and intuition is that they don’t have one as I don’t think they would have held back in telling me if they do. However, yes I can see that it is important to know for sure so yes I need to hold on for now until I find out. Thank you!