Choice of Care Home

Has anyone experienced this or have any advice please.

My Mum is in a carehome and I am her relevant carer and I also hold an LPA for her health & welfare. The home she is in is not suitable at all. Original care plan was for her to go into a nursing home but this is residential only. They are not doing a very good job in meeting her needs. I have told the SW I want Mum moved, the CCG are also involved due to their funding. I have evidence etc to show that it has been a farce since day one. They don’t appear to want her to move and now are going down the " it will unsettle her " route. They cannot deny all the other things. It seems fishy to me.

Also I never got the choice which after reading various things I should have been given.

A consultant phyciatrist said I could challenge the decision in a Court of Protection.Has anyone ever done this please and what does that mean?
Thank you.

Hi P,

A few others on here have successfully moved their parent to a better home. Penny did, however I believe her Mum had capacity at the time. Elizabeth is in the process of trying to move her Mum and was applying to be her representative at the COP.

Hopefully they will be along to share their experience. I also suggest you contact the Carers uk or Age uk or Alzheimer’s association helpline for advice.


If she was supposed to be going to a nursing home, how did she end up in a care home?
hat is not a long term solution at all.
You need to make a case for a fully staffed nursing home, which has to have a qualified nurse on duty at all times.
Care homes are not required to have any qualified nurses on staff at all.

Concentrate on medical needs that need qualified nurses.

yes I moved my Mum to a much better care home. She did have capacity but that didn’t come into the equation. She was also self funding if that makes a difference.

I actually “sprang” my Mum!! She had a fall at my house and was taken to hospital but I knew she was not getting good care there and had promised her I would find a better place.

It was a bank holiday weekend and myself and another family member went in without being seen, emptied the whole room and filled the car with suitcases, bags and boxes and I left them a message on the ansaphone to say she was in hospital and wouldn’t be coming back there. It was end of month so I cancelled the direct debit and they never, ever contacted me …… that’s how “caring” they were.