Moving Mum into a Care Home


My Mum will be moving to, or rather staying in the care home where she has been in the NHS hub bed. I think social services want to make a final decision about her discharge this week.

I am delaying by waiting for them to contact me, or really to go and see my Mum.

I don’t know what should happen in this process. I know Mum should have a care needs assessment, and I want to know if this is something I should see a copy of.

I don’t know what recommendations for her ongoing care are, or who to ask.

The hub senior nurse said she thinks Mum would be best staying where she is, rather than moving to another home. The LA are saying the home is more expensive than their contribution. I don’t understand how top up fees work. If tge medical advice is for that location, will the LA pay extra. Mum hasn’t had a financial assessment yet, as I haven’t been able to get all the paperwork together, though I am doing so now.

LPA hasn’t come through yet, so it’s very difficult for me to do anything.

I am concerned about the tight time frame for the property to be cleared and sold. It is semi-hoarded, and there’s only me, and I am teaching and managing my own three children. I will get as much help as I can.

I have a whole bunch of questions for social development and the care home manager.

I am wondering if I am forgetting anything important.

What is actually meant to be the process in this situation? I can’t see how a decision can be made without a social worker fully explaining options to Mum in person, now she appears to have capacity again.

Hi Alison

I don’t have experience and others who have will be responding.

I don’t recall if your mother has POA’s but if not, now that she has clarity can you get them set up.

Research is key. Make some brief summary notes on other care homes and see if you then can also find a recommended social worker too. A good one that is. Good luck for the meeting. Yes it is. Try to be collected and cool as far as possible. My other bit of advice is to ask them for additional paper copies of all the required paperwork.

You can start off the entire process by requesting permission from the council first thing tomorrow morning in order to have one carried out. Stay calm however as anger benefits no one. Be polite and honest. See what exactly happens at the meeting as a result. Keep notes at all times and know your basic rights etc. Store all that paperwork in a bright colourful plastic folder for ease of reference. You can easily find one online or at a bookstore on the cheap.

Insist gently that the treatment options be fully explained to her. And to you. Request advice. Hugs and prayers.