Moving my mum into the carehome where I work

Hello everyone
I’m going to make the decision to move my mum who is 89 and living with dementia and had advanced Parkinson’s Into my carehome where I work
She is in a carehome at present and after hardly seeing her at all since March with very limited social contact, I’ve seen a deterioration in her, she looks tired as she’s had hardly anyone to talk to , as you know people thrive from social contact, I used to go every other day to visit and it breaks my heart not to be able to hug her when she’s at the opposite end of the table Upset, I’ve spoken to my manager and there’s availability in our home, my mother hasn’t got the mental capacity to make decisions to this scale , I do not think the visiting policies are going to change in the near future in carehomes, and do not know how long we have with our mum I want her to be able to see me and it also means my family can visit too as I’m already working there, I know this would be the best for her but at the same time I don’t want to distress her more than need be with the move to a new place , she has been there almost 2 years .she says she misses us all so much I am not able to speak to her face to face because of lockdown at the moment , but will call and speak to the nurses and then speak to her about what is happening , I just want her to be with her family now and for me to see her everyday
Just needed to write this down as I’m feeling quite emotional about it at the moment
Thank you for reading

Hi Tracey

What a good idea and you have this option. As so many people do not. Make the most of it. I’m sure you will be able to settle your Mum. And you have the experience to do it. As we still do not know what the future is re: vaccine time scales. You can not afford to delay further. Take this opportunity!!

wishing GOOD LUCK

Thank you ! I really hope I can make it happen for her, just waiting for the czrehome to return my call so I’m able to tell them and speak to my Mum , I know this is something I need to do for her well being and mental health xx