Refused covid test

i am a main carer for my wife we both have lunge disorders and mental health issues , i suffer from repeat chest infections
after speaking to my dr yesterday she wanted me to have yet another covid test done due to the respiratory varients of covid
all though i have had 4 tests done since may 2020 with no postive result of covid , i explained to my dr that we do not mix with people
we dont go into shops if we see someone we know example wallking dog we stay over 10 feet away and dont stand there talking for over 5 minutes
if we had covid then the only way it woould infect us would be through mail , online shopping deliverys , unless it was what i would call air bourne
in the means of open up window to get fresh air or go out into your garden etc with out seeing anyone else .
when i spoke to 119 yesterday they asked me if i had 1 or more of the main 3 factors of covid and i said no but due to the different respiratory varients of covid
my dr asked me to book another test so as i have not got any major issues they refused me a another test so i went back to dr surgery with the info what 119 said and to say that 119 advised that they was running out of tests
so this was another reason why test was refused

Sounds very frustrating, Dean.


true very frustrating i spoke with out of hrs doctor yesterday again they have advise that 119 should not be refusing covid tests for anyone who does not have 1 of the 3 main issues of covid so is this down to goverment or just 119 but covid as we all know has alot of new symptoms but will people be scared of having a test ?