I retested to go back to work!

Hello fellow carers. I am new to all this, can anyone offer advice?

I work in a residential care home. I recently tested positive for Covid 19. I have followed guidelines to the letter and can thankfully say we have managed to not pass it on.
Although I still feel lethargic I have come out the other end (yay).

I had to retest to return to work, company policy, (and rightly so) but it came back positive! Now apparently this can be expected up to 90 days after contracting Covid but now the NHS are telling me I have to isolate for 10 days again even though I clearly haven’t contracted it again.

Has any other carer experienced this? I am at a loss with what to do and no medical professional is willing to give me an answer!

Any advice or guidance would be wonderful!

HI Audrey,
good to hear you survived Covid and are ready to go back to work.

You wont really find the answers/support you are after as this forum is primarily for those caring for family and friends, although we occasionally have members who both care for family member/friend and do paid care work too.