Mental capacity and COVID 19 test

My son has autism, severe learning difficulties, non verbal and challenging behaviour. He lives in a care home with 3 other young men.
Today we were contacted with regard to hm having a COVID 19 test along with staff and his house mates. I don’t feel that he will tolerate the test and it will possibly lead to episodes of challenging behaviour. He has no symptoms and I don’t feel it is worth the upset. Has anyone else had to make this decision for a relative?

Hi Daisy,

welcome back.

I suspect this dilemma will crop up more and more.

What is the rationale re your son being tested? Have one of the other residents or staff been displaying symptoms? I think I’d want to know more before making a decision.


I think it’s a government initiative. No one has symptoms and the test isn’t taking place until July 4th.